Technical Leader that has an established & current record of establishing broad and deep relationships with top companies, providing independent council to the C-Suite, and represents the technical voice of Cloud Products in the market.


Hands-on enablement of product + platform creation and redesign, helping solve problems that span technical design, code, infrastructure, strategy, business and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt).  Success is lasting relationships that drive and enable simultaneous innovation, digital transformation, and business growth for various product suites.  




Collaboration across Functional & Product Boundaries to Deliver Transformation & Innovation


Driving Mobile, Cloud, and Transformation efforts across the Enterprise, for Product Lines and Processes, over a multi-year span. Experience within Fortune 50 to Global 2000 Organizational Structures and Product Lines.  Additional initial Advisory and Startup acumen included to round out the experience portfolio.



Critical Thinker |Perpetual Autodidact | Striving Polymath


Using Graduate Level Education and multi-year experience as a starting point.  Leveraging the democratization of shared knowledge and an intellectual curiosity to get answers for "I don't know"  to continuously learn and improve.  Thrive in fast paced dynamic cultures where "best idea wins" and contribution from diverse and smart voices are heard to amalgamate success.




Technical Acumen 

Designed and lead multiple GEO/HA Self Contained Systems for Cloud and Mobile Products.  Leverages Platform as a Service Principles and Designs to create Distributed Systems for Scale and Reuse.  Current focus areas Cloud Scale Platforms and Products and Applied Artificial Intelligence Commercialization.  Create, Foster, and manage large iterative programming models for Architectual ecosystems


Trusted Advisor

Provide Directional Council (aka Whats Next) to Senior Leadership teams at Fortune 500 Global Corporations.  Map council to business strategies for revenue growth and innovation. Drive efficiencies, scale, and execution of board level funded initiatives.



Lead and manage Ideation and POC efforts to drive tangible innovation through various stages of delivery from POC, to MVP, to productization.  Build, hire, and retain, Technical Teams responsible for large scale transformation and execution from CICD, to Architecture Platforms, to Innovation for customers. Drive deep relationships with external technology companies such as Microsoft.

Situational Leader | Collaborator | Mentor 



CEO..."Jason is a master at the concept of fast, fail, forward. His ability to ideate, conduct lab tests, and then quickly decide if we pursue something or drop something allows the organization to become much more nimble and expose potential innovations at an accelerated pace." 

CEO..."Jason is an asset to any organization looking to transform a space or product line, and ready to fly."

CTO..."Jason feels as comfortable driving the conversation with a C-Level audience as he does talking technology with development teams. I would highly recommend Jason to any organization."

Global Vice President...."Jason is a strategic thinker who can deliver upon his created vision. He creates strategic plans with his partners and motivates across groups for the betterment of the business overall."

Peer..."I have rarely come across a person who can manage complex customer relations, delicate cross-team issues, define new strategies, make strong decisions under ambiguous situations and still find time to connect with you at a personal level."

Direct..."He has always been not only a great manager, but also an incredible mentor. He has a passion for technology, excellence, and people. He is a true manager caring for his team. "