The Intersection of Seasoned Technology Leadership, Driving Innovation into the Enterprise, Providing Strategic Council to Senior Executives, and a Passion for Creativity Across Mediums.


From Mobile to Cloud, I've driven and defined new platforms + products, that span consumer devices to large mission critical enterprise software suites.  I lead technology agendas to the betterment of companies and their customers.  


Finding the right strategy involves being immersed in both business and technology.  I have demonstrated business and technical experience in Innovation and Digital Transformation for large multi-million dollar product suites.



Creative expression is the core of my personality both professionally and personally. My background encompasses, blue sky ideation, digital transformation, and creation of media (videos, music).

Defining and Designing a Digital Assistant Ecosystem


Leveraging Multiple AI Front-end and Back-end Platforms including ML Studio, Bot Framework, & LUIS to create an iterative and learning Enterprise Digital Assistant that maps to multiple scenario types including Predictions and Suggestions, Questions and Answers, Context Sensitive Help, Command and Control and others....



Bot Frameworks

Defining User Intents + Language Understanding for Customer Experiences


Prediction Engines

Creating Extensible Engines For Predictive & Suggestive Behavior


Machine Learning

Building ML Models to Feed into Prediction Engine Platforms for Digital Assistants

Transforming the Enterprise Through Cloud and Mobile Technology


Leading with a Platform as a Service Strategy and building Self Contained Systems which are leveraged across multiple Product Scenarios for Scale, Resiliency, Supportability, and Innovation.  Transforming a Multi-Million Line of Code Footprint to a sustainable and reusable set of platforms across a highly transactional mission critical Product Suite 



Self Contained Systems 

Creating Multiple Self Contained Systems in the Cloud for Cross Platform | Cross Product Transformation and Reuse


Mobility as a Platform

Created a Hybrid Architecture and Strategy to support  Cross Device Cross Platform Expereince

Commercializing New Interaction Models


From Natural Language Understanding to Touch Platforms in Software, to Commercializing Speciality Devices for Targeted Mobility Markets, the focus has been enablement of new experiences and interaction models for the customer.  This foundation has enabled a seasoned perspective on commercializing innovation vs. just ideas on paper.



Natural Language 

Patented a Natural Language Parsing Platform for Multiple Microsoft Product Scenarios for Search, Question and Answers, Spellchecking, and Grammar Checking


Iconic Mobile Devices

Shipped the Fastest Selling Mobile Device in Windows Phone History at the time.


Capacitive Touch

Managed Team responsible for First Version of Capacitive Touch that ships in Multiple Devices Including Windows Mobile and the Surface Product Line